Pubbliemme Group is one of the winners of the European Commission's call for support for information measures concerning the Common Agricultural Policy. The action, coordinated by the Directorate-General for Agriculture of the European Commission with the support of the Directorate-General for Research, pursues the objective of enhancing the effects of European policies and in particular of the CAP, not only for farmers but also for citizens. Through the support of professionals from all over Europe, the aim is to raise public awareness of the EU's support for agriculture and rural development, basing communication action above all on facts and data support.

LaC Med, this is the name of the project, communicate the benefits of "be Mediterranean" and build a unified and complete narrative of all the experiences of value that can be attributed directly and indirectly to the context of agricultural production in this important and complex area of ​​the South . Therefore, this project aims to fill the information deficit affecting some rural areas of the Mediterranean that seem to underestimate the economic potential of the cultural identity to which they belong.


To build the story of good practices present in the area, the site become a collector of the best Mediterranean experiences, from agriculture to startups, from professionals to the most interesting projects in the Mediterranean area .

The project involves the creation of a Scientific Committee and an Observatory composed of young farmers, influencers, design experts, teachers and researchers who will create an important production through a series of technical-scientific papers that will be released to provide any time a clear progress of the research activity of the project.


The Quality Board ensures the quality of project management and is made up of university professors and researchers. The Quality Board has the task of monitoring the correct execution of the project activities and validating the scientific structure of the information and communication activities of the LaC Med project.

Francesco Aiello

Full Professor of Political Economy at the Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance of the University of Calabria. His research activity is focused on the themes of Research and Innovation, development gaps in Italy and Europe, on the micro-econometric analysis of efficiency and productivity and on the evaluation of the impact of public policies. He is the author of numerous scientific essays published in national and international journals.

Angela Caridà

Researcher (RTD / B) in Management and lecturer in Management of Innovation and Management and Business Strategies at the Department of Law, Economics and Sociology of the University of Magna Græcia of Catanzaro. Specialized on the topics of Innovation Management, in recent years it has focused on the topics of Service Innovation, Resource Integration and Social Innovation.

Donata Chiricò

He teaches Ethics of Communication at the University of Calabria. Specialized in France at the Laboratoire d'Histoire des Théories Linguistiques of the Denis Diderot-Paris VII University, she has long carried out research activities in the field of studies on the biology of language, cognitive sciences and the philosophy of disabilities. He is currently involved in the semiotics of power and inequalities and information and accessibility theory.

Maria Colurcio

Full professor of Management at the University of Catanzaro Magna Græcia, he is a member of numerous scientific boards (national and international). Specialized in marketing, in the last five years she has focused on the topics of value co-creation and resource integration.

Riccardo Guarino

Researcher in plant ecology at the University of Palermo. He is the author of essays and contributions on the ideal human habitat and on the effects of human activities on Mediterranean ecosystems. His research activity is focused on the themes of Ecology, phytogeography, flora and vegetation of the Mediterranean, pre-alpine and alpine territories.

Monia Melia

Marketing lecturer at the Department of Law, Economics and Sociology of the University of Magna Græcia of Catanzaro and official tutor of the Marketing Award for the SIM University. In recent years she has focused on the themes of Marketing, Service Management, Social Innovation and Cultural Heritage.

Faugno Salvatore

Associate Professor at the Department of Agriculture of the Federico II University of Naples, member of the Council of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and of the Board of Directors of the Vesuvius National Park Authority. His research activity mainly concerns the surveys of the state of soil compaction, solar energy for soil disinfestation and innovative technologies for mariculture.

Giuseppe Zimbalatti

Full Professor of “Agricultural and Forest Mechanization” at the Department of Agriculture of the “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria, of which he is Director. Since 25 years he's carrying out its institutional activity to promote the development and diffusion of technological innovation in the important agroforestry sector of Calabria through voluminous research activity and through practical actions on the territory.

Massimo Zupi

Engineer, PhD in “Environmental Planning”, Researcher in Technique and Urban Planning at the DIAM of the University of Calabria. Researcher of Urban Planning and Technique - (RTDb). He deals with territorial governance, with particular attention to city policies, landscape enhancement, local development.


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