Be Med: Manifesto

Be med is an open visual communication device that represents the starting point of a branding process for the establishment of a universally recognised and institutionalised Mediterranean brand. Be Med is based on a series of key dimensions not definitive but representative of the constitutive values of being Mediterranean. The keywords we present are to be understood as a first summary of all the evidence collected and metabolised during the study and communication activities of the Lac Med project, in which experts, teachers, students, agricultural entrepreneurs, influencers and population have participated and contributed and who are therefore representative of Mediterraneanity in southern Italy. Be Med, with its key dimensions, looks to the future so that we can reach the establishment of an institutionalised space of observation, study and analysis capable of broadening the geographical and cultural perspective and restoring the great complexity and dynamism of the Mediterranean essence.

The Mediterranean is a land of ancient crops, flavors of tradition: it respects its times, gives value to its typicalities.

Intact monuments, archaeological sites, panoramas to be blown away: the beauty is around us, promote it.

The Mediterranean diet, the mild climate, the breeze of the winds: there’s no better place for your body. Take care, here you can.

Wealth is around us: from the mountains to the sea, from the more usual animals to the fish that blend in the depths of the abyss, everything is here, now.

Ancient splendour and irreparable conflicts, the Mediterranean tells us about life and passion: spread what we were to reiterate who we are.

The cradle of glorious peoples, the birthplace of the greatest religions, under the same sky. Every step is the son of the previous one, respects the diversity around you.

Sour and sweet flavours, round and salted: unique aromas and sensations for millennia adorn our dishes. Promote your kitchen.

The difference is wealth, diversity is strength and not weakness: welcome the other, hug the different, support your neighbor. He’s your brother, even if you don't know.

A mirror of water separates us and unites us, a set of microcommunities that do not forget where they come from. Because if you act locally, you're inciting globally.

A kaleidoscope of colors, music, dances and parties: the skirts widen, the fingers of the hands open, the looks cross in the rites and customs of every corner of the Mediterranean. Repeating is remembering, remembering is living.

Memorandum of understanding

In order to enhance the scientific and communication activity of the Lac Med project and to continue and strengthen the Be Med branding process, we propose the establishment of a permanent observatory on the promotion of the Common Agricultural Policy through the enhancement of the Mediterranean. The aims of the observatory include the promotion of Mediterranean culture, rediscovering and enhancing identity characteristics including conviviality, hospitality, agricultural and social traditions and sustainability; the promotion of studies and research to identify the evolution of the reference scientific literature and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge; the identification and analysis of public policies, and in particular those supported by the European Union, which have an impact on the size of the Mediterranean.

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